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Delafield Physical Therapy - KINETIC SMP

We will listen to you and your goals, then apply our experience, clinical expertise, best current evidence, and new technologies to provide a well rounded care plan for your specific condition and needs.

Delafield Physical Therapy - KINETIC SMP

All of your care will be one-on-one with your Physical Therapist; and the same therapist will be with you through your entire course of care. We will continue to work with you through your return to play and ensure that you reach your goals.


How it works

Ensuring Athletes Return to Sport


Step One

Book A Call With Our Team

Answer a few questions on our contact us page so that one of our team members can call you as soon as possible. If you can't wait, call us now!


Step Two

Identify the Problem

Schedule your evaluation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy. At this 60-90 minute appointment we will use the latest technology to gather objective information about what is going on and develop a plan to manage it.


Step Three

Execute the Plan

Most patients will see us an average of 5-10 times over a 2-3 month period. Each patient has an individual and customized plan based on their specific needs.

When you finish your plan of care with us you will have all the tools necessary to maintain your health and manage this problem for the long run.

What people like you
have to say about us

 Joan S
Joan S
September 23, 2021.
Kinetic Sports Performance has positively impacted the sports seasons for all three of my children. They are friendly, knowledge and practical. They recognize the importance of staying as active as possible while progressing recovery exercises.
They don't just get you back into the game, they strive to get you better than you were before. Maintenance checkups have also been helpful. We appreciate the team at Kinetic.
zach asik
zach asik
September 12, 2021.
I came to Dr. Michael Falk after trying every rehab treatment and exercise for my throwing shoulder. I had not felt the same since my surgery in 2018. Dr. Falk and I had a great conversation and a plan to get me back to doing what I love as a collegiate baseball player. Within two months I was throwing at 100% effort pain free, something I doubted I would ever experience again. I cannot thank Dr. Falk enough for getting me back to onto the field and allowing me to enjoy baseball again.
 Jason Romens
Jason Romens
June 11, 2021.
Mike and Brett were very very helpful and very very knowledgeable with treating my son's partially torn UCL! We got started with Michael and was grateful enough to be one of Brett's newer clients. We couldn't have asked for a better physical therapist in Brett who really cared for my son's arm and any other injuries my son may have gotten during the few years with him. If my son ever has another setback injury we'll go right back to Kinetic and their team of professionals.
Sarah Martens
Sarah Martens
June 10, 2021.
First went to Kinetic for help with a hip injury. The treatment I received was unlike any other therapist I had even went to. Kinetic first conducted a very comprehensive testing with force plates to determine where I was weak. Then my exercises and lift program were tailored to what I needed, and what my goals were. My hip injury put me out for a while, but when I got back to running Kinetic guided me through the process, making for a great transition back to running. Now I am feeling my best, and performing my best. Kinetic totally changed my workout routines for the better, making me strong and fast at the same time. Would highly, highly recommend for any sport or injury.
Brianna Ferstl
Brianna Ferstl
May 10, 2021.
I worked with Dr. Brett to resolve my ITB pain and strengthen while I train for distance running. After 8 weeks, I had increased in strength and output for all areas tested!
Lance Matthews
Lance Matthews
March 24, 2021.
As a coach and a "former" athlete the team at Kineticsmp has changed the way I work out personally and design training for my team. Their experience and drive to be the best at what they do shines is every way. If you're willing to do the work it takes to improve, they will provide the manual! Show up ready to learn and grow.
 Zachary Fugate
Zachary Fugate
February 22, 2021.
Dr. Lauren Falk is incredibly kind & attentive. She took the anxiety away from an injury consultation, and ensured I understood what is/could have contributed to my injury. I will be back and would 100% recommend her to my friends and family!
 Brandon Haan
Brandon Haan
February 2, 2021.
I came in a few months ago with some left knee pain. I'm a regular CrossFitter, and I'd been having some problems with any sort of squat movements, which we do a lot of. I originally met with Lauren, but she referred me to Brett instead, given his background with the Olympic lift movements we often do in CrossFit. It was a great experience. He was able to quickly diagnose the issue as an irritated IT band as a result of a hip shift during squats. He gave me a number of warm-up exercises to open and strengthen my left hip before working out, and the pain cleared up in no time at all. After just a few sessions, both Brett and I felt comfortable not meeting for future appointments and simply having me continue the exercises he prescribed. I'd highly recommend Kinetic to anyone dealing with any sort of discomfort or pain.
 Sam Price
Sam Price
September 23, 2020.
✨✨✨ I've been on quite the journey, a journey that has included a fully ruptured achilles...9 months of physical therapy, a torn acl and meniscus root tear...18 months and counting of physical therapy. 27 months later and this dynamic duo has been by my side EVERY step of the way. They have created a company that has allowed numerous individuals to walk into their doors and leave as a better version of themselves, physically and mentally! To say I am blessed to have these 2 in my life, during one of the worst times of my life, would be an understatement. They continue to push me day in and day out and for that I want to say THANK YOU! Thank you Michael and Lauren for being the amazing people you are, thank you for the constant support you've provided throughout my journey, thank you for the countless hours you've spent studying and finding the right regimen for me, thank you for continually putting a smile on my face each day I walked in and out of the gym, thank you for hiring great aspiring therapists and staff, thank you for believing in me...even on days I didn't believe in myself, thank you for your honesty day in and day out, thank you for not getting sick of me and allowing me to continue to walk in your doors...for 27 months!
To anybody in the Milwaukee area or within driving distance, if you're looking for a physical therapist to help you dominate your weaknesses and make you a stronger version of yourself... @kinetic_smp are the ones to call!!!
 Tim Hapeman
Tim Hapeman
August 7, 2020.
Wonderful experience and results! Michael was able to pinpoint the issue with my son’s hip and prescribe a set of exercises that very quickly resolved the problem and got him back up to peak performance! Highly recommend!

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