Athlete running on a treadmill during athletic physical therapy.

Free Guides and Courses

ACL Post-Op Course

Learn all the information you need to safely return to your sport and perform at a high level in our free ACL Post-Op Course.


ACL Prehab Course

This free course is designed for athletes who have torn their ACL and are looking to prepare themselves for a smooth and maximized recovery. Learn what you can start doing today!


How to Keep Your Arm Healthy Course

This free course offers specific arm care routines and other strategies proven to reduce your risk of injury during your throwing season.


Create Durable Hamstrings for Athletes Course

This free course will give you the foundational elements to keep your hamstrings injury free all season long.


Golf Warm Up for More Distance

Warm up like the pros! This free, simple, 10-15 minute routine will not only reduce your risk of injuries, but it will gain you some distance on the golf course!


Keys to Maximizing Performance & Preventing Injury Course

Find out in this free course the crucial, yet simple principles you need to know to maximize your performance and keep yourself injury-free all season long.


Tennis Warm Up & Shoulder Care

Performing this free warm up can reduce your risk of injuries by 50%! Use this to accurately prepare your shoulder, arm, and whole body for the demands of an intense tennis performance.


ACL Scorecard

Is your ACL rehab measuring up? Are you actually ready to move onto the next stage of your rehab? Find out with this free scorecard our specialized athletic physical therapists use!


Tommy John Scorecard

How do you know when you're ready to throw again after Tommy John Surgery? Find out using our free Tommy John Scorecard so you don't have to guess!


Return to Running Scorecard

Don't fall into the cycle of running in pain and taking a break, only to come back and have the pain still there. Use our free scorecard to discover a safe return to running.


Still not sure where to start?

Contact us today to find out where you should start to get yourself out of pain and performing at your best. Browse our article library for more insight from our experienced and knowledgeable sports physical therapists.