Athletes like to train. We understand that desire and want to keep you doing as much as you can - not just tell you to stop lifting. For minor injuries, we may offer simple modifications to your current lifting routine, technique or training loads. More significant injuries benefit from the insight of a trained clinician who understands your goals and the demands you are placing on your body so that, together, you can develop a plan to stay active and healthy. At Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance, we are fortunate to have Dr. Brett Ferstl, DPT, who leads our Barbell Athlete Program. Dr. Brett is an experienced weightlifter who competes in Men’s Open Events and has received advanced training in managing barbell athletes as a Clinical Athlete Weightlifting Coach.

The Barbell Athlete Success Roadmap

Step 1

Restore Necessary Range of Motion Requirements for the Task

Having inadequate or asymmetrical range of motion in one part of your body changes how you perform a movement and places stress elsewhere in your body.

Don’t be surprised while we are diagnosing your condition if we look at areas other than where you feel your pain. Often, the location of the pain may not be the root cause of the problem.

For example, lower back pain is common in many athletes. We rarely find the root cause of the problem to be the back!

Step 2

Reintroduction of the Previously Problematic Movement/Movement Pattern

Once the pain symptoms have gone away and we have improved range of motion, necessary strength, and technique, we begin to progressively load the movement pattern that produced your symptoms.

We could have you use the exact same movement, or we could recommend a variation as a stepping stone to get you to your goal.

Step 3

Begin to Push Load, Volume, and Speed - Specific to your Goals

Once you have improved your mechanics and are tolerating well and have practiced the movement that caused your pain, we begin to progress back to full training.

We will develop an individualized plan for you to return to previous personal records and ensure you have a thorough understanding of what to do to keep training and setting PRs over the long run.

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