Baseball Orthopedic Surgeon Podcast

Baseball Orthopedic Surgeon Podcast


Today I am joined by baseball orthopedic surgeon Dr. Patrick Jost.  Dr. Jost is extremely well trained having a residency at one of the top hospitals in the country, after that he completed a fellowship under renowned baseball orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews. During this time he gained knowledge and experience working with high-level throwing athletes.

Subsequently, he returned to Milwaukee and works with local athletes and adults to care for many common orthopedic conditions.  Additionally, he serves as a team orthopedic surgeon for multiple local high schools.

Topics discussed:

  • Common elbow injuries and pain locations in baseball players
  • His recommended treatments of the elbow before heading for Tommy John surgery
  • Common shoulder injuries he sees in baseball players and why some players have difficulty coming back from labral injuries
  • Why seeing a good physical therapist that works with baseball players frequently is so important
  • The pros and cons to getting an MRI in baseball players
  • Interval return-to-throwing programs and why they are so important in baseball players

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