Orangetheory Head Trainer Podcast

Orangetheory Head Trainer Podcast


We are excited to have an episode about adult fitness with Amy Friese, the Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness – Delafield. Amy brings lots of energy and years of experience not only to her clients and training environment as well as to this podcast! So enjoy!

Amy had originally started working in the corporate world and made the shift to fitness and nutrition. On top of helping others achieve their wellness goals, Amy is also a competitive triathlete!

Topics discussed today include:

  • How Amy got into fitness coaching and what led her to Orange Theory
  • The science behind Orangetheory workouts
  • Why they track heart rate during sessions, and what that means
  • What to expect during a training session at Orangetheory
  • Amy shares about her fitness and triathlon experiences
  • Client success stories
  • Amy discusses the benefits of having a close relationship with a physical therapist to not only treat injury, but prevent it to keep you performing at your best
  • And much more

I had so much fun doing this podcast with Amy, and I hope you enjoyed it too!

Listen to today’s episode online, on apple podcasts or on spotify by searching for The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast

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You can learn more or reach out to Amy and Orangetheory Delafield on Facebook, online, or on Instagram @otfdelafield