Orthopedic Surgery Podcast

Orthopedic Surgery Podcast


In today’s episode we are joined by Dr. Chris Kilian and Dr. Steve Merkow of the Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin and we talk orthopedic surgery.

Dr. Kilian specializes in orthopedic surgery of the shoulder and elbow while Dr. Merkow specializes in caring for the lower extremity across a wide population of patients.

We appreciate them joining us on the podcast today and I think you will enjoy what they have to say!

Topics discussed:

  • The influences that led Dr. Kilian & Dr. Merkow to be orthopedic surgeons
  • The crucial steps right after orthopedic surgery that must take place in order to produce more positive results
  • The different possibilities causing knee cap pain
  • Return to sport rates with slap tears in baseball athletes following orthopedic surgery
  • What are the next big things in Orthopedic surgery and care

You can listen to the podcast online, on Apple podcasts or on spotify.

Reach out to Dr. Kilian & Dr. Merkow:
Via Instagram: @christopher_kilian_md
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