Sick of playing golf in pain? Tired of losing distance? Frustrated when your golf lessons aren’t helping you fix your slice? Instead, we first assess how you move, your strength and mobility, your current training regime, your injury history and more. We use this information to create an individualized program to help you achieve your running goals.

Titleist Performance Institute is the leader in determining how physical limitations can impact the golf swing. TPI-certified practitioners have helped 25 of the top 30 players in the world, 19 of the last 20 major championship winners and the winners of 52 of the last 63 PGA tour events.

Whether you are dealing with pain while you play or hoping to improve your golf performance, we can help.

Injuries from playing golf: most commonly these injuries involve low back pain, with almost 74 percent of golfers dealing with some type of low back pain while playing. Other common areas of pain are the hips, elbows and shoulders.

Previous injuries that are affecting your golf performance: Players bring these injuries to the golf course. Whether it is a past ACL tear, hip replacement or shoulder surgery, we can help prevent these old injuries from causing problems for you on the golf course.

Improving Performance:

Our goal is to make sure your body has the strength, power, range of motion and control to get into the necessary positions to execute an efficient golf swing. Sometimes a specific physical restriction can be a root cause of a swing issue. We work hand in hand with your teaching professional to make sure you can move well and get in the positions your instructor wants and sequence your movements efficiently.

The Golf Performance Roadmap

Step 1

Set A Goal:

We work with players with a wide array of goals. Common examples are:

  • Hit the ball further
  • Get to a single digit handicap
  • Stop slicing the ball
  • Play without pain

Once we know what is important to you, we can tailor our evaluation to your needs.

Step 2


Next, we take you through a detailed assessment of your body and golf game. We believe in assessing rather than guessing. We will lead you through a detailed exam joint by joint to assess how your hips, shoulders, ankles and spine move in relation to your golf swing. Depending on your goals, we may also measure your power production and strength.

Putting this information together allows us to build a plan for you to reach your goals. We also can incorporate 3D motion capture and force plate data from our Athletic Performance Lab to examine the efficiency of your swing and your body’s ability to generate power.

Step 3

Complete the Plan

Your unique plan may include a plan to improve your mobility, increase your strength and power, or work with a swing coach on specific characteristics of your swing.

Once we lay out the plan, we will support you through it every step of the way. We will periodically assess your progress and fine-tune the plan where needed. And once you reach your goals, we will make sure you have a maintenance plan to preserve the progress you have made.

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