ACL Rehab Podcast

ACL Rehab Podcast


On today’s episode, Michael is joined by Dr. Ziad Dahdul. Dr. Ziad is a Physical Therapist who has a strong background in ACL Rehab. He received his doctorate from the University of Southern California and his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from California State University- Fullerton. He is a board certified orthopedic specialist, working with competitive athletes and weekend warriors for nearly a decade. He grew up playing basketball and baseball and continues to play recreationally to this day. He is a die hard fan of the Lakers, Dodgers, Patriots, and USC Trojans and has been playing fantasy sports for 15+ years.

Topics discussed today:

  • Dr. Ziad’s interest in ACL injuries and ACL Rehab.
  • How Dr. Ziad works to get his patients to feel like athletes’ again
  • Expectations and physical testing criteria to begin return to running and jumping during ACL Rehab.
  • How Dr. Ziad builds his patients’ plans for ACL Rehab. treatment sessions, as well as weekly and monthly rehab. framework
  • Dr. Ziad discusses plyometric and movement skill progressions and expectations
  • Dr. Ziad reminds patients that pain is a part of the process of ACL Rehab., there are limits, but when working hard to regain strength and physical abilities you may experience some discomfort.

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Reach out to Dr. Ziad via Instagram: @ignitephyizo

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