Early Stage ACL Rehab Dos and Don’ts with Brett Ferstl

Early Stage ACL Rehab Dos and Don’ts with Brett Ferstl

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Episode 16: ACL Early Stage Dos and Donts

In this episode, Dr. Brett Ferstl, PT and Dr. Michael Falk, PT discuss the dos and don’ts of early stage ACL rehab. While not super exciting, the early stage is critical for a successful long term outcome.  

How do we define the early stage of ACL rehab?

Everything from immediately after surgery all the way through a full return to normal walking with a normal stride and no pain. 

How long does this early stage take? 

It depends on the person! In this episode we share why we don’t like to use time to define the stages of rehab. 

We specifically cover:

  • How to manage swelling after surgery
  • Our favorite ways to regain knee range of motion
  • Why getting your knee straight is crucial after ACL Surgery
  • Tips to restore your quad muscle
  • The best way to work on walking after ACL surgery
  • Our criteria to progress through the early stage of ACL rehab

This is a very practical podcast that gives a lot of specific information and advice on how to nail the early stage of your ACL rehab and set the stage for a solid outcome and return to sport. 

At Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance, we specialize in helping athletes return-to-sport after ACL injury. We have helped high school, college and professional athletes get back on the field, performing at a high level again. Learn more about our approach to ACL rehab.

No matter where you’re at in your ACL rehab, you can see us for a free consultation to help you determine if you’re on the best path to return you safely and strongly to your sport!