Junior Basketball Development with Luke Meier

Junior Basketball Development with Luke Meier


On this episode, we are joined by Luke Meier of REALWORK Basketball. Luke is a local basketball skills coach in the Milwaukee area, and a past podcast guest.

Luke has had the privilege and challenge of starting to coach his own kids in basketball over the past year, and it is a topic that he and I have talked about a lot recently. So, we decided to share some of our knowledge and experiences with you in this podcast. 

Specifically, Luke and I talk about:

  • The real goal of youth sports
  • Current trends he sees in youth basketball 
  • How to take a long term development approach to basketball with kids
  • Why it is important for kids to learn how to play the game of basketball and not just individual skills
  • What he has learned from coaching his kids 

This is a great episode if you have young kids or work with young kids in any sport, not just basketball. 

You can listen below, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

To learn more about Luke and what he is doing with REALWORK Basketball check him out on social media:

Instagram: @realwork.basketball

Twitter: @Realworkb  or @LukeMeier

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S3 E1: Junior Basketball Development with Luke Meier