Level Up Your Basketball Performance Training with Keith Kahlfeldt

Level Up Your Basketball Performance Training with Keith Kahlfeldt

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Up Your Basketball Performance Training

On this episode,  we are joined by Keith Kahlfeldt, a basketball performance coach at the Prolane in Waukesha, WI. Keith focuses on tailoring performance training in the weight room to improve performance on the basketball court. 

Keith is local to the Milwaukee area, having played basketball at New Berlin Eisenhower and then continuing on to play at Concordia University. He uses his knowledge and experience as a basketball player to help guide his programs to help other local high school, college and professional basketball players stay healthy and perform at a high level.

Specifically, Keith and I discuss:

  • How he evaluates a new athletes’ movements in the gym & on the court
  • Differences in movement abilities based on a players’ position
  • Why the foot and ankle are so important to train in basketball players
  • Common mistakes high school basketball players make with performance training
  • How to integrate performance training in a very busy basketball schedule
  • …and much more!

Keith has a great philosophy towards training athletes and I really enjoyed the conversation. He is definitely approaching training athletes from a progressive view and incorporating some of the newest techniques and philosophies with his players. 

You can listen to the podcast below, on Apple Podcast or on Spotify.

You can learn more about Keith at his website and on Instagram @keithkahlfeldt 

If you are a local basketball player that is dealing with any pain or injuries, we would love to help. We offer a free injury screen at our office where you can meet with one of our doctors of physical therapy to take a look at the injury, listen to your goals, and give you specific advice on how to get back to 100%.

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