Tennis Development with Erick Martinez

Tennis Development with Erick Martinez

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In this episode, I am joined by Erick Martinez, who is the Director of Junior, College and Professional Tennis Development at Western Racquet Club in Elm Grove, WI. Erick has a deep background in tennis from developing himself as a player, playing Division 1 Men’s Tennis, to coaching tennis on the private and collegiate level. Erick offers a great perspective on developing a player’s game from a young age on. 

I was fortunate to work with Erick at Marquette University where Erick served as the assistant Men’s Tennis Coach. I truly appreciate his perspective as he has evolved so much as a coach over the years and has developed many different levels of tennis players from Junior through professional. Whether you play tennis or not, Erick offers great advice about developing yourself as a player and person especially if you are looking to participate in collegiate athletics. 

Erick and I discuss:

  • How Erick got involved in tennis and his progression from junior to collegiate tennis player
  • How Erick got into tennis coaching and the various levels and positions he has held
  • What influences he has had on his coaching style
  • The importance of using training and sports medicine to prevent injuries as well address your physical needs or limitations to improve your performance
  • The differences between the private versus team/collegiate coaching/playing experience
  • How junior tennis programming and development has changed over the years
  • The biggest gaps he sees in a junior’s game as they are trying to progress towards the collegiate level
  • What you can do as an athlete to make yourself more attractive to collegiate programs 
  • How to develop yourself as a person and player to overall improve your game

Erick is a great coach with a very broad perspective of the game! It is nice for athletes to hear the thought process of a former collegiate coach to better understand their thought process to give you perspective on your game and tennis goals!

You can learn more about Erick and Western Racquet Club:

Instagram @erickmtz7000 and @wrc1960


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