The Dairyland Mile with Coach Jack

The Dairyland Mile with Coach Jack

Episode 11: The Dairyland Mile

In this episode, we are joined by Jack Hackett of Infinity Running Company and Infinity Running Company Events. Jack is a running coach and expert in helping runners improve performance. Jack has been a past podcast guest talking about many topics related to running training, running performance and race strategy.  

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In addition to helping runners prepare for races, Jack is now trying to help runners enjoy the race experience more through Infinity Running Company Events. He is going to be organizing his first two races, the Dairyland Mile on June 23rd and 24th at 6pm as part of the Tour of America’s Dairyland professional bike races happening in Milwaukee. 

Today Jack and I discuss:

  • How working on speed by running a timed mile can help a distance runner improve performance
  • Why speed reserve is key to improving race times in longer races
  • How to train to run a timed mile
  • Why a mile race is a great goal for inexperienced runners
  • Optimal race strategy for running a timed mile
  • What to expect at an Infinity Running Company Event race
  • Details on the upcoming Dairyland Mile Race

The Dairyland Mile Race will be a fun community event with live music, food and drinks. The timed mile will be run on the professional bike course in between the Men’s and Women’s professional bike race. Whether you are an experienced distance runner looking to set a new PR, a recreational runner that has a goal to run a fun race, or you just want to see how you stack up compared to your last timed mile in high school, it is sure to be a fun event!

Kinetic Sports Medicine is proud to support this great event by setting up a recovery tent for after the race! Make sure to drop by if you need any treatment, or to say hello! 

You can learn more about the race and sign up by clicking the link below.

Use Coupon Code: KineticIsTheBest for 10% off your race registration!

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