TJ Rehab with Conor Fisk

TJ Rehab with Conor Fisk

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TJ Rehab with Conor Fisk

On this episode we talk with Conor Fisk, a professional pitcher that is currently going through Tommy John Rehabilitation.  Conor is about 10 months out from his surgery and shares his insights on his Tommy John rehabilitation process so far. 

Specifically Conor and I discuss:

  • How he picked a surgeon to perform his Tommy John surgery
  • What he wished he knew before his surgery
  • What he has learned about himself and his body by going through Tommy John rehabilitation
  • How he has approached his return-to-throwing program to recover and gain velocity
  • The hardest part about his rehab process
  • His best advice for players going through Tommy John rehabilitation

Conor really opens up and shares a lot of great insight in this episode.  I think his perspective is great, because he is currently going through this process right now and is really able to share relevant things for players.  But even if you aren’t a baseball player, I think you can take a lot away from Conor’s mindset and approach to his rehabilitation process, no matter what injury you are recovering from.

As you can hear in this podcast, Tommy John rehab is a long, hard process.  Especially in younger players we want to do everything we can to avoid having to go through this surgery and recovery process. We have a free online mini-course for baseball players on how to keep your arm healthy this season. Do your future self a favor and sign up for it now!

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