Build a Unique and Successful Youth Program with Julia McRae

Build a Unique and Successful Youth Program with Julia McRae

Season 3, Episode 8: Build a Unique & Successful Youth Program

In this episode, I am joined by Julia McRae. Julia is a former collegiate and professional soccer player who is now a teacher, athletic director, coach and oversees the girls’ program at Let Kids Fly (LKF), a local and highly unique youth soccer program.

I really enjoyed learning about Julia’s development as a player and coach and how her experiences helped shape the unique and successful angle that LKF takes with their players!

Julia and I cover:

  • Her background as an athlete in high school through playing professionally in Canada
  • Her transition into coaching and things she has learned as she evolved as a coach
  • How Julia got involved with Let Kids Fly (LKF)
  • The pillars that LKF are build upon; their focus on character and community
  • The coach/player relationship can be a positive one from a communication and relationship perspective
  • How LKF supports multi-sport athletes, as well as manages how often they are training/competing to allow for balance for the athlete
  • The role of the parent in a athlete’s sport experience
  • The overall importance of remembering who you are as a person in training and competition is the most important aspect of who you are as a player!
  • And more!

Julia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that has influenced so many aspects of the structure of LKF and how she helps your girls grow in sport! I really enjoyed hearing her perspective and I think you will, too!

You can learn more about Let Kids Fly on social media and online at:

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