College Athlete Series: Injuries in Hockey

College Athlete Series: Injuries in Hockey


In this episode, we are joined by Luke French, a college hockey player at Bethel University. The pathway to college hockey is more complicated than many other sports, and Luke’s journey is unique. He is originally from Kansas City, but moved to Milwaukee to play with the Milwaukee Junior Admirals and attend high school in Milwaukee. After a successful high school career, Luke played two years of Juniors level hockey on the East Coast before committing to play college Hockey at Bethel University in Minnesota. Throughout his hockey career, Luke has also overcome two significant shoulder injuries in hockey to battle back to perform at his prior level.

Here, Luke and I discuss:

  • What the transition was like to be a college athlete
  • The hardest part of his freshman year
  • How to integrate into the team strength and conditioning atmosphere
  • His advice for a player transitioning from high school to college
  • What he learned going through two shoulder surgeries
  • How his routine is different following his injuries in hockey
  • Why he decided to get a second opinion prior to having an additional surgery

This is a great episode for any high school athlete that is recovering from an injury or has an interest in playing college sports. Luke shares a lot of great personal experience that will be very relevant to your goals!

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