CrossFit 101 with Zac Courtier

CrossFit 101 with Zac Courtier

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Today I’m talking with Zac Courtier about the basics of CrossFit. Zac is the manager of Bark River CrossFit inside BeFitness in Delafield, WI. Zac is a great resource to learn more about CrossFit, as he has experience as an every day CrossFit athlete, a CrossFit competitor, a CrossFit coach, and now the manager of a CrossFit box.

Specifically, Zac and I discuss:

  • How he initially got involved in CrossFit
  • What he’s learned as a CrossFit athlete and coach
  • Why do people get involved with and stick with CrossFit
  • His experience with the CrossFit Culture
  • The difference between the CrossFit Games and your every day CrossFit box
  • How beginners can get started with CrossFit
  • Tackling the myth that CrossFit causes injuries
  • What he’s learned through his own training
  • His upcoming fitness goals

Zac is an awesome guy and great coach that can move some serious weight, and even grow a killer mullet. I really enjoyed this conversation and I learned a lot about CrossFit with Zac. Even if you aren’t interested in CrossFit, most of the advice that Zac shares is relevant to anyone that is training to achieve a specific performance or wellness goal. 

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Work with Zac:

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Season 2 Episode 20: CrossFit 101