Navigating Hip Injuries While Training and Competing as a Collegiate Athlete

Navigating Hip Injuries While Training and Competing as a Collegiate Athlete


In this episode, I talk with Abigail Missiaen, a former Division III Collegiate Heptathlete, current Multi-Events Coach at UW Whitewater, current Kinetic patient after hip injuries, and our new Athlete Services Coordinator! 

Abigail and I discuss:

  • Her background in competitive athletics
  • Her experience sustaining not one but two hip injuries between high school and collegiate athletics
  • Her experience balancing training with an injury and eventually making the decision to do surgery
  • Her experiences and keys to success following surgery
  • The successes she experienced as a college athlete due to focusing on her rehab
  • Her transition from being a collegiate athlete to working
  • What made her want to become a part of the Kinetic team!
  • And more!

Abigail brings a lot of perspective to the conversation after having been a high level athlete for so long, and she offers some great advice to young athletes who might be battling injury. Abigail has been an exemplary patient after dealing with her hip injuries and an amazing addition to Kinetic. We are excited to have her, and so glad she shared her story with us today! 

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