Sun Safety Podcast

Sun Safety Podcast


Today we discuss sun safety for athletes with Dr. Ashley Dietrich. Dr. Dietrich is a board-eligible dermatologist who recently graduated from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s Dermatology Residency program. She has returned to her Midwest roots to practice dermatology in Wauwatosa, WI with Forefront Dermatology. As an avid sports enthusiast herself, Dr. Dietrich has a special interest in the role of sun protection to promote sports performance.

Topics Discussed Regarding Sports and Dermatology:

  • Why Dr. Dietrich chose medicine and specialization in dermatology
  • Importance of sun safety and prevention of skin cancer
  • What is SPF and how to read a sunscreen label
  • Practical tips for sunscreen use to improve sports performance
  • What to look for and when to seek dermatologic care

Dr. Dietrich recommends to make sunscreen part of an athlete’s equipment and encourages coaches, athletic trainers, staff, parents and athlete’s themselves to act as sun safety role models to encourage sun-protective practices.

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How To Contact Dr. Dietrich:

Via phone: 414–771–1122

Via website: Forefront Dermatology

Via Instagram: @10ischick

Practice Location:

Forefront Dermatology

Mayfair Tower

Wauwatosa, WI

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