To Brace or To Tape, That is the Question

To Brace or To Tape, That is the Question


In this episode, Lauren and Michael talk about whether you should wear a brace after injury. Lately, this has been a very common question in our office.  Many athletes and families wonder if they should wear a brace after a injury, whether a minor sprain or when returning from surgery.  As with most things, there is no one right answer for everyone, but there are considerations for each specific case. 

Lauren and Michael cover:

  • The difference between taping and bracing after an ankle sprain
  • Do knee sleeves help?
  • Should you wear a brace after ACL surgery?
  • What does rolled up pre-wrap around your knee actually do?
  • Should you wear a harness after a shoulder dislocation?
  • Can bracing or taping prevent injuries?
  • And much more

This episode is designed to be very practical and we cover specifics on the ankle, knee and shoulder taping and bracing.  So if you’ve wondered whether a brace will help you, give it a listen!

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S3 E2: To Tape or To Brace, That is the Question