Where Is Kinetic

Where Is Kinetic

Where is Kinetic Sports Medicine Located?

This is Part 4 of the 4 part series on the What, Why, Who and Where of Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performance.

We are located inside BRX Performance.  We selected this location for a number of reasons.

First, the BRX coaches are a group of strength conditioning coaches that have been practicing for 3 years with great results for their clients.  They share our values of providing a high quality product for their clients, good movement, the importance of appropriately applied load, and training to try to enhance athletic performance and reduce risk of injuries.  They are also just flat out smart people in their field, and we enjoy working in the same space as them with the ability to learn from each other.

Second, being located in their 12,000 square foot fully equipped facility allows us to have access to the strength training equipment needed to properly load athletes returning from injury.  It also gives us ample turf space to complete our agility rehabilitation progressions.  This is very important for our athletes returning, it is one of the things that will set your rehabilitation with us apart.  We fully introduce you to the movements you will need to complete when you return to perform on the field.  We have a complete movement progression including the latest in motor learning strategies to improve your movement quality and prepare you to hit the ground running, cutting, stopping and starting when you return to the field.

Third, we feel that most good physical therapy program ends with ongoing performance training.  The end of your physical therapy rehabilitation program, will look a lot like performance training.  Being located in BRX can make for an easy transition into a maintenance program to maintain the progress you made in rehab.

Lastly, we enjoy the environment.  Mindset is incredibly important in rehabilitation from injury.  Our clinic is not a typical, sterile medical office.  We are located in a gym.  You will rehab right beside athletes that are performance training.  This will quickly help you focus on the end goal, remember that you are an athlete even though you are injured, and help motivate you to attack your rehab to reach the goal of your return to the field.

If you want to come check out our facility in BRX, contact us today or drop by!