Ben Heller: Getting Back to the Big Leagues

Ben Heller: Getting Back to the Big Leagues

This episode, we are joined by Ben Heller, a reliever that just finished the 2023 baseball season as a reliever for the Atlanta Braves. If you are not familiar with Ben’s story, he just completed his 10th season as a professional baseball player after being drafted in the 22nd round out of Olivet Nazarene.  

Ben is incredibly generous with his time today sharing a lot of information that is directly applicable to any baseball player that wants to try to play at the next level. 

Ben and I discuss:

Recapping his 2023 Season:

  • What it was like to make it back to the big leagues
  • His experience pitching against his hometown team, the Milwaukee Brewers
  • His proudest moment looking back at the success he had in 2023

Mechanics and Pitch Design:

  • Why he made mechanical changes
  • His process to make the mechanical changes stick
  • How long it took him to trust his mechanics on the mound
  • The new pitch he learned
  • Ben’s process to learning and incorporating a new pitch into his repertoire 
  • How many pitches a high school pitcher should learn
  • How a high school player should design their pitch arsenal 

Baseball Development:

  • Why Ben feels he is the best baseball player he has ever been in year 10
  • The importance of mindset in baseball development
  • How a high school and college baseball player should look at their year to improve their development

This episode is a must listen (maybe a couple of times through) for any high school or college baseball player that is looking to improve and develop to play at the next level. Ben gives so many insights into what he sees can make successful baseball players and he shares personal stories about his baseball journey. 

Follow Ben online:

Twitter (X) / Instagram @benheller21 

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