Nurturing Excellence in High School Girls' Soccer with Coach Lance

Nurturing Excellence in High School Girls' Soccer with Coach Lance Matthews

Today we are joined by Lance Matthews. Lance has been the head coach for Muskego Girls Soccer for the past 6 years, and has won 3 state championships as well as been nationally ranked at various times throughout his tenure. Additionally, Lance is a Chemistry teacher at Muskego High School. So he is around high school athletes day in and day out, and has found a way to build a very successful program. I am excited to share some of his insights of what has made his program and players so successful! 

In this podcast we specifically discuss: 

  • Lance’s background in soccer and what got him into coaching
  • His experience as a Chemistry teacher and why he chose that area of study (and why Dr. Lauren didn’t!)
  • What his vision and experience has been with the team over the years
  • How Lance finds balance for his players knowing that they have school, club soccer, other sports, Prom, etc. 
  • What are some of the things that he feels has helped make his program successful
  • What were some influences on him as he shaped his coaching style
  • Why Muskego Girls Soccer and other sports invest the time into strength training and active warm ups in their program
  • Lance’s ACL Injury, his rehab experience, and its effect on him as a coach
  • And more!

Lance is a great coach with a lot of experience and knowledge to draw from. He offers great perspectives that I think both players and parents would benefit from hearing! 

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You can learn more about Lance’s team on social media

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