Beyond the Mound: Unveiling the Art of Pitching and Strength with Ty Peccioli

Beyond the Mound: Unveiling the Art of Pitching and Strength with Ty Peccioli

Episode 35: Beyond the Mound

In this episode, we are joined by Ty Peccioli, the pitching coach and head strength coach for the Milwaukee HALOs baseball club. Ty played D3 college baseball and developed gradually to position himself to play baseball professionally after college. Eventually, back injuries cut his career short, which opened the door to him becoming a pitching coach.

Episode Synopsis

Specifically, Ty and I discuss:

  • How his role as pitching coach and strength coach overlap to aid development
  • His pathway for pitchers to develop
  • Common mechanical faults he sees in young pitchers
  • His process to correct pitchers mechanics
  • Mistakes in development that young players make
  • His perspective on rising arm injuries
  • How he has modified his program to help pitchers stay healthy

This is a great podcast episode for any young pitcher. Ty is doing a great job in the Milwaukee area helping pitchers improve their performance with a holistic model for development.

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You can learn more and contact Ty:

Instagram - @TP3performance

Website -

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