Dr. Brett Ferstl Podcast

Dr. Brett Ferstl Podcast

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This is an exciting episode for us as we are talking with our newest physical therapist, Dr. Brett Ferstl. We wanted to publicly welcome Brett to our practice through this podcast so you can get a chance to know him a little bit better. Brett graduated from Carroll University with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Physiology and then received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy soon after. During his time in physical therapy school, Brett was a strength and conditioning coach and a personal trainer at Impact Sports Academy and beFITNESS in Delafield.

Topics discussed:

  • Dr. Brett’s diverse interests that lead him to physical therapy
  • How Dr. Brett feels a sense of responsibility to help the PT profession improve the current state of ACL rehabilitation
  • Dr. Brett breaks down the various phases of rehabbing an ACL injury
  • Dr. Brett’s thoughts for the support and guidance needed for an athlete to have a succesful ACL rehab

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You can follow Dr. Brett on Instagram: @brettferstl

Did you enjoy learning from Dr. Brett and would like to work with him to achieve your physical therapy goals? Are you an athlete who recently suffered an ACL injury, is currently undergoing ACL Rehabilitation or are looking for that next step to bridge the gap from ACL physical therapy to Return-to-Play? We work with all types of athletes recovering from, ACL injuries, taking them through a detailed process to return them back to sport safe and preapred to play! We focus on areas such as strength restoration, movement re-education and objective testing with the latest strength and force plate technology to assess progress and readiness for return-to-play.

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