The Importance of Habit and Consistency Podcast

The Importance of Habit and Consistency Podcast


On today’s episode, I wanted to get the message across of how important habit and consistency are in training, rehab, your sports, and everyday life.  I have wanted to talk about this for a while and I did not know what format would be best but I finally decided that doing a podcast would be best for this.  Why am I talking about this particular subject?  I think these two things (Habit and Consistenty) are two of the key performance indicators for success in any sport or rehab process.

I hope you found this information helpful, and I hope it triggers some of you to look at your life and try to find ways that you can build habits into your routine to help you achieve your goals.  Thank you for listening to this episode!

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At Kinetic we are big believers in building up the whole athlete during their rehabilitation process whether it be from a short or long term injury. We educate our patients about things like habit and consistency and incorporate it into their care plan. If you are interested in learning more about our patient care philosophy and services, click the underlined links to take you to the associated pages. Contact us to schedule your visit today!