F45 Co-Owner & Personal Trainer, Brian Staude

F45 Co-Owner & Personal Trainer, Brian Staude

Education , Fitness , Weight Lifting
F45 Co-Owner and Personal Trainer

On this episode, I am joined by Brian Staude, one of the co-owners and trainers at F45 in Delafield and Brookfield.

Brian and I cover:

  • F45’s background
  • What is F45 and what made Brian want to get involved with a F45 franchise
  • What are some common stumbling blocks with clients that hinder them from reaching their fitness goals
  • The F45 Prodigy Program
  • Some of the biggest challenges in the fitness industry he sees

To learn more about Brian and F45 head over to the F45 website below.

Brookfield location & Instagram @f45_training_brookfield

Delafield location & Instagram @f45_training_delafield

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