Increasing Clubhead Speed with Josh Koch

Increasing Clubhead Speed with Josh Koch

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In this episode, I am joined by Josh Koch, a professional world long drive competitor and golf instructor.  Josh is one of the fastest human beings on the planet with a golf club in his hands, with clubhead speeds exceeding 150 mph!

I love every opportunity I have to sit down and chat with someone that is one of the best in the world at their craft because I always learn something. Even if you are not a golfer or interested in long drive, you will take something away from this episode.

Josh and I cover:

  • His golf story and how he went from college golf to world long drive 
  • How to gain speed in the golf swing
  • What players do wrong when they chase speed gains in golf
  • His opinion on whether increasing clubhead speed relates to golf injury
  • What he learned rehabilitating a serious neck injury last year
  • How he structures his training week to avoid fatigue on his speed day
  • The role of overspeed and underspeed implements in golf
  • How he uses eccentric training to improve performance

Josh is an awesome guy and a world class athlete so this was truly a unique opportunity to learn how he approaches his craft. 

You can learn more about him or work with him online:

Instagram @joshkochgolf


Youtube: Hit Bombs Youtube Channel

Josh also gives lessons in Wisconsin at The Practice Station during the summer. 

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