How to Improve Your Golf Game with Instruction and Practice With John Bauer

How to Improve Your Golf Game with Instruction and Practice With John Bauer

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Improve Your Golf Game with Instruction and Practice

In this episode I am joined by John Bauer, who owns and operates The Practice Station in New Berlin.  John has many years of experience as a golf instructor around the Milwaukee area and has worked with players of all ages and ability levels.  Several years ago, he had a vision to create a new type of golf practice facility set up to truly help players improve their games through specific practice and the use of the latest technology. 

John and I Discuss:

  • The most common swing characteristics he sees in amateur players
  • Why some golfers struggle to make progress in their games
  • What more players need to practice to knock strokes off their rounds
  • What to look for when you are finding a new golf instructor
  • The difference between amatuer players and elite players
  • Recent changes in the golf industry and what he sees in the future of the golf business

If you are a golfer or have an interest in working with golfers you will really enjoy this episode.  John has a lot of experience and a very unique perspective on golf right now. 

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