How Fitness and Yoga Can Help Improve Your Golf Game with Caitlin Moyer

How Fitness and Yoga can Help Improve Your Golf Game with Caitlin Moyer

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How Fitness and Yoga Can Help You Improve Your Golf Game

In this episode, we talk to Caitlin Moyer about how a fitness or yoga routine can help improve your golf game. Caitlin is a local fitness and yoga instructor that works independently with clients and at several different gyms and studios around the area. As an avid golfer, she has a special passion and niche for helping other golfers achieve their goals. 

We discuss:

  • What Caitlin has learned from working on her game over the past year
  • Why golf fitness is important
  • How yoga can help golfers play better
  • Easy ways to get started in yoga or fitness
  • Her experience playing 100 holes for Charity last year
  • And much more!

For any recreational golfer or person interested in starting a yoga routine, this will be a great episode that you will take a lot away from. 

If you want to learn more about Caitlin check out her website.

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