Speed Training with Matt Gifford

Speed Training with Matt Gifford

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In this episode, we are joined by Matt Gifford, Matt is the Performance Director at Ethic Sports Performance inside the new OAW Indoor Facility in New Berlin. Matt is almost universally known as “the speed guy” around the Milwaukee area, and he has helped countless athletes improve speed and enhance their overall athletic performance.

Matt and I discuss:

  • His philosophy for developing all around athletes in the weight room
  • Core principles within his training philosophy across all the athletes he works with
  • Why speed is so important in team sport
  • How Matt approaches developing speed in athletes 
  • Lessons that athletes can take from the weight room and apply to their sport and life outside of sport
  • How Matt got started in strength and conditioning, 

You will really enjoy this episode if you are an athlete that is looking to improve your performance, especially your speed, or if you are interested in the strength and conditioning field and improving as a coach working with athletes. 

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