Injury Recovery with Sam Price

Injury Recovery with sam price

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Injury Recovery with Sam Price

Today we are joined by Sam Price and she shares her story of injury recovery from 2 major surgeries. Sam is a local basketball player and coach that unfortunately tore her Achilles and then tore her ACL. Today we talk to Sam about her injury recovery process and she shares her experiences to try to help other athletes going through similar tough times.

Sam shares:

  • The hardest part of her injury recovery
  • How important mindset is during rehab
  • The differences she experienced between ACL rehab and recovering from her Achilles
  • Why she didn’t rush her return to the court
  • What Sam learned about her body during our ACL rehab process (learn more about our ACL Rehabilitation Process)

Sam is very open in this podcast and it is a great way to gain insight for what an athlete goes through during the injury recovery process. Whether you are an athlete that is dealing with a major injury or a provider that works with injured athletes, you will get a lot out of this podcast.

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