Sports Nutrition Podcast

Sports Nutrition Podcast


On today’s episode, we talk with sports dietitian Nicole Kerneen about all things related to sports nutrition for athletes and active people. Nicole is a dietitian in the Milwaukee area and owns and operates Way of Life Nutrition in Wauwatosa. She has a wealth of experience as a sports nutritionist in a variety of settings from hospitals, private clinics, and athletics at the high school, college and professional levels.

In today’s episode we cover:

  • Foundational nutritional principles in athletes
  • Common mistakes athletes make with sports nutrition
  • Why breakfast is important
  • The importance of the timing of meals throughout an athletes day
  • Pre and post workout sports nutrition
  • Nutrition for injured athletes
  • Some of Nicole’s favorite easy snacks, breakfast ideas and food prep strategies for busy athletes

This episode is packed full of information and no matter your athletic or wellness goals, you will be able to take some helpful information from this episode.  I know I learned a lot during this conversation, so grab something to take some notes with an enjoy!

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