Interviewing the Host: Dr. Michael

Interviewing the Host: Dr. Michael

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In this episode, we switch things up, having professional baseball player and Kinetic patient Ben Heller interviewing Dr. Michael! Here we get the unique view of hearing Dr. Michael being asked the questions by Ben, a long time patient and friend of his.

Specifically, Ben and Michael discuss:

  • The story of Kinetic
  • Michael’s background and early career as a Physical Therapist
  • What Michael’s learned working with baseball players
  • How players can learn more about their body
  • How Michael’s job has changed from Physical Therapist to business owner

Any athlete, physical therapist, or person with interest in sports medicine will find great value in this episode. Michael’s drive to take his business to new levels is inspiring and gives awesome insight into building a business around your passion.

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Baseball Arm Care Free mini-course mentioned in this episode

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Season 3: Episode 5