Rest Is Not Best For Athletic Injuries

Rest Is Not Best For Athletic Injuries

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Episode 6: Why Rest Isn't Best

Rest is commonly prescribed as a solution to athletic injuries. But rest is not a strategy for athletes to recover from acute injuries, overuse injuries or post-surgical conditions. In fact, rest often does more harm than good for an athlete’s recovery.

That’s right, not only will rest not help you get back on the field, but it might actually make your outcome worse. 

In this episode, I specifically cover:

  • Why rest is not a good strategy for athletic injury recovery
  • How rest can impact your recovery and make you more likely to get injured again
  • What you should do instead of rest to manage your athletic injury
  • Specific examples of how to deal with overuse injuries like shin splints or arm pain in throwing, acute injuries like hamstring strains and post-operative cases like a shoulder surgery or ACL tear

If you are an athlete or the parent of an athlete that is dealing with an acute injury, overuse injury or recovering from surgery, this is a must listen episode.  If you aren’t currently recovering from an injury but know a teammate or friend who is, we would love it if you would help us out by sharing this information with them! We want to share this information to help as many people as possible avoid the mistake of trusting rest to help them recover. 

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