Low Back Pain Podcast with Michael Falk

Low Back Pain Podcast with Michael Falk

Low Back Pain

Low back pain… It’s annoying. It’s scary. It’s common. It comes back a lot.

Almost everyone has dealt with a tight, sore or painful low back at some point.  Whether it is a competitive athlete, or a recreational athlete, this injury is very common. 

Today we share insights on:

  • Who can get low back pain?
  • What causes low back pain?
  • If your back hurts, can something serious be wrong?
  • When should you look to get help for low back pain?
  • Should you get an MRI of my back?
  • What are some of the biggest myths surrounding low back pain?
  • What are the keys to treating low back pain?
  • Can it come back?

This is a great episode that covers a lot of information on low back pain.  If you, a friend, a teammate or a family member has ever dealt with a painful low back, you will learn a lot from this episode. Listen on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify, or right here on this page.

If you are currently dealing with a sore low back, reach out today! We offer a free injury consultation to help you understand what exactly is going on and get clarity on what you need to do to get back to 100%.  Contact us today!