Sports Mental Performance with Joana Bromley

Sports Mental Performance with Joana Bromley

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Sports Mental Performance

In this episode, we discuss sports mental performance with Joana Bromley. Joana is a certified mental performance consultant that owns JCB Mental Performance. She specializes in helping youth athletes learn mental skills and develop mental tools that will help them in on field performance.  

Today Joana and I discuss:

  • What mental skills and mental tools are and why they are important for athletes
  • Mental tools she used as a D1 Soccer player for the Wisconsin Badgers
  • Why players and coaches need an interdisciplinary team to help them achieve peak performance
  • Trends she is seeing that are contributing to burnout in youth sports
  • Techniques that parents and athletes can use to deal with stress and anxiety
  • Some of the most common mental skills she works on in athletes recovering from injury

Mental performance is becoming a more and more important aspects of sports at the professional, college and youth levels, Joana has a lot of first hand experience as both a player, coach and mental performance consultant and shares a lot of great insights today.  Whether you are an athlete, a coach or a parent of an athlete you will learn a lot from this episode.

Learn more about Joana:

Instagram: @jcb_mental_performance


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