Post-Surgical Questions with Dr. Sam Steiner

Post-Surgical Questions with Dr. Sam Steiner

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Post-Op Questions with Dr. Sam Steiner

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Sam Steiner of Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin.  Dr. Steiner is a local orthopedic surgeon that specializes in caring for athletes and athletic injuries.  He has a history as a local star athlete, even going on to play football in the BIG 10.  We ask Dr. Steiner some of the post common post-operative questions we get from athletes in our office, including:

  • When should you get an MRI
  • How long should you wear a brace after ACL surgery?
  • Do you need to wear a brace when you return-to-sport after ACL surgery?
  • Which graft is best to reconstruct your ACL?
  • When can you drive after knee surgery?
  • Why do some surgeries require a lot of restrictions and precautions after surgery?
  • Should I get a PRP injection or a stem cell injection?

Dr. Steiner was a great guest and did really dove in deep on many of these questions.  However, we do want to give the disclaimer that every surgery, patient and case is different, so use this as general information, but make sure you ask your surgeon for specific advice about your unique situation. 

To work with Dr. Steiner find him online at:

Or on Instagram: @orthowisconsin

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