Pitching Development with Carter Hohn

Pitching Development with Carter Hohn

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Pitching Development

On today’s podcast, we talk about how to improve your pitching performance and keep your arm healthy with Carter Hohn. Carter is the throwing coordinator at BRX performance in Milwaukee, WI. He also has years of experience as a pitcher in college that dealt with numerous injuries.

Today, Carter and I discuss:

  • What he learned about his body by going through rehab
  • How his own injuries have impacting his pitching instruction
  • What workload is and why it matters
  • Do poor pitching mechanics cause injuries
  • Why chasing improved arm efficiency can be crucial for long term pitching development
  • The most common mechanical mistakes Carter sees in young throwing
  • And much more!

Carter is a young, up and coming pitching coach in the baseball industry. He has extensive first-hand experience as both a player and coach, as well as extensive continuing education to enhance his skill set. Any baseball player that wants to improve their performance and stay healthy will learn a lot from this episode.

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Work with Carter: www.brxperformance.com @brxperformance 

Follow Carter: IG @carterhohn14 Twitter: prescarter14

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