Speed and Agility Podcast

Speed and Agility Podcast


In today’s episode we are joined by Brandon Ferstl where we talk about principles of speed, agility, and quickness. Brandon is the Director of Performance at Elite Sports Performance in Sun Prairie, WI. He has a wide-ranging skill set in strength and conditioning working with athletes of all ages and abilities as well as specialist certifications in Track & Field and golf. Although he currently works in the private sector, he does provide knowledge and experience training in NCAA Division 1 athletics as well. In today’s episode we discuss:

  • Key differences between private sector and collegiate strength & conditioning
  • Brandon’s coaching philosophies when working with youth athletes
  • Differences between speed and agility
  • Brandon’s thought process behind designing and implementing a speed session
  • How to progress speed and agility training over weeks and months
  • How to blend traditional strength and conditioning with speed and agility training

If you are a coach, clinician, or athlete looking to learn more about the Strength and Conditioning world, specifically about speed, agility, and quickness training, you are going to learn a lot from this episode. You may even need to listen to it a few times and take notes along the way as you should walk away with some things you can implement at work the next day.

Listen to today’s episode online, on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify by searching for The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast.

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For more information follow or reach out to Brandon you can find him on Instagram: @brandon1stl