Achilles Rehab Podcast

Achilles Rehab Podcast


In today’s episode we are joined by Buzzy Brown where he shares his story of recovering from an Achilles tendon repair as well as his own perspective in what it takes to be elite. Buzzy is not only a competitive Track & Field athlete, he is a sports performance coach, dance instructor, and physical education teacher in Milwaukee, WI.

Buzzy shares:

  • His own background in competitive Track & Field and interest in sports performance training
  • The hardest part about early rehab
  • Motivation during recovery and strategies to keep yourself on the right track physically and mentally
  • The most exciting part about the recovery process so far
  • What it takes to not only return to sport, but return to performance
  • What he has learned about himself and his training throughout the recover process as well as his advice to anyone going through a sports injury

Buzzy offers a very unique perspective being that he is not only a competitive athlete with elite aspirations, but that he is a coach and teacher himself. This episode is a great opportunity to gain insight in what it takes to return to performance physically and mentally. Whether you are a coach, clinician, or athlete, you will surely get a lot out of this podcast.

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To follow along with Buzzy’s journey even further and help support him, find him:

On Instagram: @buzzyb2021

Or His Website:

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