Track and Field Podcast

Track and Field Podcast


In this episode we are joined by Cale Brown. Cale is a track and field coach at Carthage college in Kenosha, WI. We talk about all things sprinting/jumping as it relates to Track and Field as well as a few of Cale’s coaching principles and insights into coaching high level athletes. Specifically we discuss:

  • How Cale got into Track & Field coaching
  • A few overarching principles to guide his coaching
  • The relationship between sprinting and jumping in Track and Field
  • The value of jogging for sprinters and jumpers
  • The importance of the penultimate step in jumping
  • Cale’s advice to current athletes that he wish he knew when was younger

This is a great episode for coaches, clinicians, and athletes to learn more about sprinting and jumping, their relationships, and how they can be applied to your training. If you were ever curious what’s inside the mind of a college Track and Field coach, this episode is for you.

To learn more about Cale and what he’s doing, follow him on YouTube and Instagram where you can find training tips, drills, and more!

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