Youth Baseball Training: Expert Tips from a Pro

Youth Baseball Training: Expert Tips from a Pro

Discover valuable tips and insights from a seasoned baseball pro on how to enhance youth baseball training near you.

Episode 33: Youth Baseball Training

Wisconsin Baseball Native Goes Pro & Builds Business

Today we are joined by Greg Reinhard, current owner of the GRB Academy and former professional baseball player. Greg has years of experience growing up playing youth baseball in Wisconsin and then ultimately at University of Wisconsin Whitewater before being drafted in the 6th round by the Tampa Bay Rays. While he was playing baseball Greg started coaching to make extra money in the offseason, and after his career he started the GRB Academy.

Now GRB has organizations in multiple states around the Midwest and has helped over 425 players play college baseball and has had 26 players drafted. 

Episode Synopsis

Greg and I discuss:

  • His baseball journey and how he ended up owning his own baseball academy
  • What it is like to transition from playing to coaching
  • His philosophy to help players develop
  • Current trends he sees in the year-round baseball schedule
  • Things you should look for when picking a travel baseball club
  • Key things for players to focus on if they want to play college baseball
  • His thoughts on the current increase in arm injuries in baseball
  • His biggest “pet peeves” for baseball players
  • How Greg is trying to give back to the Madison community through youth athletics

Greg has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of baseball and gives a lot of great insight in this podcast. 

You can learn more about GRB Baseball or on social media @grbraysbaseball

You can also find out more about Greg’s family foundation and charitable mission.

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