Marathon Training Lessons with Sydney Cope

Marathon Training Lessons with Sydney Cope

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Dr. Sydney just finished her first marathon! On this episode of Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast, Sydney and I sit down to debrief and share some of her marathon training lessons with you.

All of us at Kinetic have watched Sydney train for this marathon over the last 4+ months and we couldn’t be more excited for her & proud of her. Sydney learned a lot about running, about the human body, and about training going through this training process, so today Sydney shares some of her biggest lessons. 

Specifically we discuss:

  • How her race went
  • What a typical marathon training week looked like
  • How she balanced strength training with running
  • How she differentiated between normal training soreness and injury
  • How she managed to keep training despite a foot injury
  • How she recovered from her long training runs

This is a can’t miss episode if you are a runner, specifically a runner that is training for an event. Make sure to listen to some of Sydney’s lessons so you can incorporate them into your own training!

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