The Dr. Mike Clark Podcast

The Dr. Mike Clark Podcast

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Dr. Mike Clark is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant® (CMPC), having earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his Masters in Sport Psychology from the University of Missouri. Prior to that, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mississippi State University where he ran cross country and track & field competitively for the Bulldogs. 

Mike currently resides in Tucson, Arizona and is a Sport Psychologist at the University of Arizona. He has worked in mental performance since 2015 in various settings, including at the University of Oklahoma, University of Missouri, IMG Academy, Waukesha South High School and with numerous individual clients.

We discuss:⁠

  • What led Dr. Mike to get into sports psychology and sports mental performance
  • What sports mental skills or sports mental performance is and why it is beneficial for athletes
  • Differences between “clinical” sports psychology and mental performance counseling. ⁠
  • Mental health in professional athletes ⁠
  • And much more!⁠

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