Pewaukee Personal Trainer Podcast with Amy Hopkins

Pewaukee Personal Trainer Podcast with Amy Hopkins

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Today we are joined by Pewaukee Personal Trainer and owner of Anchor Fitness Pewaukee, Amy Hopkins. Amy is a great personal trainer, local business owner and fitness enthusiast that has a unique specialty in helping women achieve their fitness and wellness goals. ⁠

Today, Amy and I discuss:⁠

  • Amy’s fitness journey⁠
  • Her programming philosophy and how she designs sessions⁠
  • Why strength training is so important for body composition goals⁠
  • Helping mothers stay active during pregnancy and get back to their fitness routines post-partum⁠
  • Why she works with a personal trainer⁠
  • Her current fitness goals and routine⁠
  • And much more!⁠

This is a podcast that is geared more towards the recreational fitness athletes and parents of some of our high school athletes. If you are interested in learning more about personal training and fitness goals, this will be a great episode for you.⁠

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on this page⁠.

Learn more about Amy on her website and on Instagram @anchor_fitness_pke⁠

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