Becoming Your Best Through Rehab – Josh Koch

Becoming Your Best Through Rehab – Josh Koch

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Episode 14: Becoming Your Best Through Rehab


Josh Koch is a professional world long drive competitor, a golf instructor and co-founder of Josh has been on an incredible run to start the 2023 World Long Drive season. He has moved up to the #3 ranked long drive competitor in the world with his first trip back to the winner’s circle following his neck injury earlier this spring. 

Josh has been a previous guest on the podcast in this episode where he and I talk in great detail about swing speed, long drive and how average golfers can work to hit the ball further. Today, Josh and I dive much deeper into his recovery from injury and what he has learned in his year-long process to get back to being one of the best long drivers in the world.

Specifically, Josh and I cover:

  • What he learned about his body in the rehab process
  • How he dealt with a frustrating season last year
  • How he developed a performance team to help him return to the winner’s circle
  • What led him to incorporate technical changes to his swing
  • The benefit of 3D swing analysis
  • What he has changed in his routine and training process
  • The importance of proper recovery

This is a can’t miss episode whether you are a golf fan, a rotational power athlete (like baseball players) or a player that is currently rehabbing. Josh is very thoughtful in his processes and has really educated himself about his body. Be sure to tune in to hear his insights! 

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