Shoulder Instability with Dr. Chris Kilian

Shoulder Instability with Dr. Chris Kilian

In this episode, we are joined on the podcast by Dr. Chris Kilian of Orthopaedic Associates of Wisconsin. Dr. Kilian is a fellowship trained shoulder specialist that helps people of all ages and ability levels recover from shoulder pain and injury.

Today, Dr. Kilian and I take a deep dive on shoulder instability.  Specifically we cover:

  • The two types of shoulder instability
  • Common causes of shoulder instability or dislocation
  • If and when you should see a doctor after a shoulder dislocation
  • Whether you need shoulder surgery after shoulder dislocation
  • Pros and cons of specific shoulder surgery to help manage shoulder instability
  • Your prognosis following a shoulder dislocation

This is a great episode where Dr. Kilian has time to really go into detail about shoulder instability and give very specific explanations on surgical procedures, common patient questions and potential outcomes.

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As with all podcasts, Dr. Kilian and I are talking in general recommendations and guidelines, but we highly recommend you consult with a medical professional in person to discuss your specific situation. 

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