New Local Facility for Sports Performance Training: ETS Performance

New Local Facility for Sports Performance Training: ETS Performance

Discover the latest addition to your fitness routine with ETS Performance, a cutting-edge facility dedicated to sports performance training.

Episode 29: ETS Performance

In this episode, I am joined by Zechariah Diemert, director of ETS Performance Lake Country that is opening in April. Zechariah is originally from Washington state where he grew up and attended Eastern Washington. He studied Exercise Science and Sports Administration while also having the opportunity to work with many of the D1 athletes at Eastern Washington.  

ETS Performance is an exciting new sports performance facility that will be opening in Lake Country in April. In today's episode, Zechariah shares some details on his training philosophy and what athletes can expect when training with him at ETS. 

Specifically we cover:

  • What he looks at when he evaluates athletes
  • How he modifies a training philosophy for novice and advanced athletes
  • What sport-specific training means to him
  • Why athletes need to prioritize training in-season
  • How he structures training sessions and weeks around busy sports schedules

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