Crafting Strikes & Content: The Life of a Collegiate Pitcher-Entrepreneur

Crafting Strikes & Content: The Life of a Collegiate Pitcher-Entrepreneur

Episode 27: Crafting Strikes & Content


In this episode of The Milwaukee Sports Performance Podcast, we are joined by our guest Ryan Roehl. In addition to being a Kinetic Sports Medicine Alumni, Ryan is a current redshirt freshman pitcher at St. Cloud State baseball. Ryan overcame numerous injuries in high school, including Tommy John his senior year to achieve his goal of playing college baseball. But Ryan is much more than a college athlete, he is also an entrepreneur that owns and operates a content creation company: Ryan Roehl Media.

Ryan and I discuss:

  • His experience as a high school baseball player and managing injuries
  • His advice for current players on how to manage the expectations of high school and club baseball coaches
  • What led him to switch baseball clubs in the middle of his high school career
  • Why persistence was so important to his recruiting process
  • His Tommy John story
  • Recommendations for players to adjust to life as a college baseball player
  • How he used Tommy John rehab as a positive to start his own business

Learn more about Ryan: @ryanroehlmedia

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